Clair Hill

Spiritual Coach & Psychic Medium



I know whats it like to feel stuck, stagnant and not sure how to pull yourself out of an emotional hole. I had tried so many different ways to pull myself out but with no successful results.

Struggle was what I was putting out into the world with my thoughts and struggle was what was coming right back to me.

I was so FEARFUL. Fear ran the show for me, for such a long time.

Fear of showing up as a spiritual being, fear of my own greatness, fear of being a Mum and fear of failing.

FEAR consumed me.

It wasn’t until I was able to look at my old patterns and limiting beliefs and where the fear had come from that I could start to move forward with understanding where the fear lived within my body, and how tapping into my self through meditation would give me clarity on questions that I had never asked myself before.

Who am I?

What am I here for?

What do I value?

When we tap into our true self through meditation we get clear answers.

We tap into the energy of our truth.

We can remove energetic blocks we have from the emotions that are “stuck” within our bodies when we become aware of why they are there.

And that is where we start to step into the Who, What and Why.

You deserve to ask yourself these questions beautiful! We are ALL WORTHY of discovering OURSELVES.

Create the life that YOU want through this process.