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Hey there, I’m Clair!
I guide humans to align with their truth, to follow their natural instincts by tapping into their strongest sense of intuition their “Clair” to become their own empowered healing agent.  I incorporate Human Design, Reiki, my intuitive connection to spirit and a strong trust in the co creating powers of the universe to inspire and empower people to see all the moving parts to their journey here on earth through the lens of duality and the polarity, which brings us into a deeper understanding of self.  
I love to help people translate their emotions to gain clarity and insight of their experiences. This allows them to better understand their choices and decisions which allows you to walk towards acceptance and grace 
The last 7 years of my life have been a journey of seeking as much spiritual knowledge as I possibly can, deep diving and being certified in Reiki, Theta Healing, Human Design, The Gene Keys, I am a psychic, meditation teacher, holistic counsellor, mentor.
I work predominately with women as I believe they have a very specific role at this time in history. We are here to raise the energy/frequency through the work that we do repairing and healing, finding harmony and peace within ourselves. Breaking the chains of conditioning and being able to move through our emotions to open the door to the heart. I want to be part of a world that our children and the future generations will thrive and look back and know that we did everything within our power to liberate our emotions and in turn for our children to feel the ripple effect. Living life by our own inner truth.


Clair x