Welcome to “The Spiritual Diaries” Podcast
with Clair Hill.

Clair is a Psychic/Medium, Reiki & Crystal Practitioner, Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Teacher.  In each episode, Clair will deep dive into all different elements of Spirituality, guiding and sharing with you stories and ways that you can self heal, and move through your own experiences with practical tools to take away and implement into your own life.  Every guest has their own special nugget of wisdom, we hope you enjoy.



Loretta Carraro, owner of Nourished Energy
Loretta is a a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Sound Healing Practitioner and Certified Life and Wellness Coach.  In this episode, Loretta shares her Spiritual journey and gives you some practical tools to implement into your own life.
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Gorgi Coghlan, Co-host of The Project on Network Ten
You will all know Gorgi Coghlan as co-host of The Project on Network Ten, but did you know she also holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology and Zoology, and a Graduate Diploma of Education specialising in biology and science?  Gorgi is also a classically trained singer and has been in a number of musicals and more recently we have seen her as “The Monster” on The Masked Singer.  In this episode, Gorgi shares her journey with IVF and how she learnt the gift of surrender.
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Sarah Merrett, Fashion Stylist, Mum and Librarian Teacher
In this episode, Clair chats to Sarah Merrett about the energy that clothes hold for women and how what we wear can be a big indication of how we’re feeling.  Sarah also talks about how her life was always “easy” until it wasn’t, and gives us an insight into what she did to move through all the things that life has thrown at her.
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Jordie Janes, Psychic Medium and Mentor
In this episode, Clair chats with her very own Mediumship Mentor, Jordie Janes.  Jordie started her journey with Spirit in 2010 when she went to the Gold Coast to do a workshop with Lisa Williams.  She did her first ever Mediumship reading that weekend for a lovely couple and brought through their daughter. From that day forward Jordie has honed her skills and extra sensory muscles to bring clarity, love and hugs from loved ones in Spirit.
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Damien Munro, Heal Your Life Teacher Trainer AUS/NZ
In this episode, Clair and Damien talk about limiting beliefs and standing in your power.  Damien Munro is the Heal Your Life Teacher Trainer for Australia & New Zealand as well as an Author and contributor to magazines and online platforms.  He has featured in international media like Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and announced as a Top Spiritual Leader by both Visionary Insight Press and the G.U.R.U Academy.  Damien’s philosophy is “There’s no big secret!  It doesn’t take a miracle cure, just a willingness to look within and eliminate negative thinking”.
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