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Have you ever felt like you were just full of emotions that you don’t fully understand?

You might feel a blockage within you or like you are at Capacity and can’t fit another thing into your mind or body?

I get it – I feel and have felt the same way MANY times before.

So in true investigator style (I am a 1/3 in Human Design the deep diver and knowledge seeker) I went searching for the many reasons we feel at Capacity, I came up with some ways to help us feel less of a hot mess and more centred and aligned and not so full of emotions.

These were my findings:

We are full of emotions because when we first felt them (in some/most instances we were young) we were not able to fully understand them as kids we have very limited emotional intelligence which leads to adults walking around feeling the same emotions as we did as kids. You can see the issue here, adults out in the world but with emotions at the level of a child. Until we revisit these emotions by feeling into them and their truth as adults we will make decisions and choices from that very limited emotional intelligence.

Felt emotions are free emotions – we free the emotions by feeling into them and exploring their landscape.

We know that we are in the old emotions when we see a pattern from the past – past patterns will show us what emotions we are harbouring, we just need some kick arse ways to see them (that’s where I come in ๐Ÿ™‚ and feel them.

By bringing the emotions out of the dark and into the light we lessen the charge when it shows up again (which it will) energetically we make room for our energy to expand and this gives us a new capacity to hold the energy of things that we choose.

The outcome is pretty clear – We are creating freedom within. Space and Time to work with our emotions and not against them.

Why do we need emotional freedom?

For so many reason, but for me personally I want to feel centred within my emotions so I am more in control of my emotions and not reactive. I want inner freedom from the past so that I get to choose what my emotional future looks like.

Capacity is for you if:

You are lit up be knowledge and information and love to deep dive into the inner landscape of yourself.

You are ready to understand your emotions in a new fresh way and reconnect with your body.

The women who is a yes to Capacity feels like she is fire and she radiates that love out to her family and the people that she cares about.

You are a chain breaker that wants to break the lineage lines and you are not afraid to have the hard conversations with yourself. To hold yourself within new possibilities.

She is overflowing in the areas of her life that chooses in areas that she once felt starved.

You are ready to invest in yourself as you know that investment will forever create change.

You hold space for others and yourself and giving up on herself is no longer and option.

You are ready to rule with your emotions and not be ruled by them.

Capacity is 3 month exploration into your unique inner landscape your emotional body where we will unravel emotional experiences.

What does the container look like?

Welcome call Capacity – Monday 2nd 6:30pm for 90 minutes.

Month 1ย 

Monday May the 16th ย at 6:30pm

Monday May the 30th at 6:30pm

Surface – Welcome to the surface layer of your emotional body this is where we plant the seeds of experiences. As we gather we break down emotions and their meaning and frequency and the energetics of your words and language stored within your landscape,

Holding yourself differently and being able to come from a place of heart resonance and truth, working together with logic and intuition.

Looking at the surface of our bodies and what seeds have been planted ๐ŸŒณ and what has been held onto within the landscape?

Your heart resonance and what it has been trying to say to you through the patterns that have been shown to you?

How do we hold our emotions and hold space for them?

How do we communicate and where do we communicate with our emotions from?

How can we be present with our feelings and emotions?

The physical body and its emotions.

Month 2ย 

Tuesday 14th June 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Tuesday 28th June 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Middle – Stretching ourselves through each frequency from our current frequency to the next and exploring that truth. Getting curious and asking ourselves to pull our projections up to look at to move them from a narrow view to an expansive objective view point.

Playing with control in a new way so that we can create self authority (we become our own authority) so there is no need to look outside to guide us.

The astral body collects stores and and transmit human emotions into desire, from the lower frequency emotions to the higher frequency.

Month 3

Wednesday 13th July 12:00pm

Wednesday 27th July 12:00pm

Depth – Embodiment, holding ourselves to a new frequency and action. Being your own authority. Presence and the ability to sit in space and time.

Using logic (left side of our brain) and resonance (right side) to guide us to see bothness.

Bothness of our perspectives through to observation.

We no longer have to think our way out of the surface, the seeds, the patterns we feel our way through using resonance.

What is possible right now for you to move into a new state of being?

The Mental Body and Causal Body.

Let us play in the highest aspect of self โ™ฅ

Additional Guidance

You will all receive 1:1 Voxer Support throughout the 3 months between 9-5pm Monday – Friday.

This is instant support if you need it, I will get back to you with my guidance ASAP.

Cart is open now please head to the events page – there is a 5 month payment plan available please contact Clair for details.

This is a specific container open for people who want to stretch themselves into new spaces, are curious and ready to take a metaphorical emotional leap into the Age of light and love.

A new frequency awaits ๐Ÿ˜Š




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