Essence – Advanced



Gorgeous being,

You have arrived – welcome into Essence Advanced.

This is an experience that will have your higher self clapping and cheering you have finally pushed away the fear, stood in your truth and did the damn thing, you are ushering into your life the essence of your spirit. 

This is where the magical and the practical meet in a container of light, love and truth.

Developing Spirit 


Reading for clients 

  • Psychometry tapping into intuition reading pictures of people who have passed.
  • Listening to information and deciphering where the person has passed.
  • Giving you a practice to prepare for clients or reading for yourself


  • Accessing other realms through meditation 
  • Reading for other people within the group
  • Charging for readings 
  • Integrating spirituality into your business and life

Past Lives Activation 

  • Meditation to take you through your past lives and pull into your life the knowledge from the activation 
  • How your past lives have been holding you back

Start Date for Advanced  

Wednesday 22nd June 7pm – 9pm

Advanced will run for 4 weeks via zoom.


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