Receivership and Responsibility Wound Series



Two day series around healing the receivership and responsibility wounds.

What are these wounds and how do they show up in our lives?

Responsibility Wound shows up usually in childhood when we make a decision as empaths, highly sensitive person to hold all the emotions of the people around us. It simmers away and can show up as people pleasing or taking on everything so that the people around you don’t have to feel the pain that you did when you were a child.

Then it leaks into motherhood when we give birth and we have the heaviest of what feels like the burden of  Motherhood – we are responsible for another human being.

Then the wound comes back with vengeance.

I want to speak about this wound and how it prevents us from the medicine to it – support.

We then go into the receivership wound which is the loneliness we may feel from holding both responsivity and receivership.

Over the two days you will take part in 2 x 90 minute sessions that will help you to feel your way into the way in which you have held the heaviness of these two wounds and that there is a way in which you can guide yourself through.

We will look at how the burden of these wounds has made you feel and what we can do together to bring yourself closer to them to understand them in ways that will help to heal them. Meeting yourself in the season of life where you are at right now. And holding yourself in new ways.

Date Wednesday the 7th or September and Thursday the 8th September.

Time 12:30 – 2pm both days.

Clair x



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