Nourish Me

Psychic/Medium Intuitive Reading with Clair – 45 minutes 

An intuitive reading with Clair is a beautiful collaboration with her spirit guides and your passed loved ones.

Working together to bring through channelled guidance that will expand and gently guide you into the areas of your life you are seeking clarification and guidance around.

The readings take place on zoom for 45 minutes.

Book Here – Readings

Reiki and Intuitive Reading – 2 hours 

In this 2-hour session you will be invited into my inner world, my sanctuary, my home.

You will feel the energy that mother nature exudes on our 10-acre property at the edge of the state forest, well before you even step foot onto it.

She will call out to you as you are driving here, it can only be described as a calmness a sense of peace a coming home.

Deep in her nest you are allowed to show all of yourself and know that you are safe here.

We will start with a beautiful cup of herbal tea and I will listen as you share what it is that has drawn you to my world?

I will weave all of my knowledge into the first part of the experience and the second half will be where you get to feel moved.

The energy that is ready to speak and guide you will show up we will move them with love, compassion and acceptance among other things.

Book here – Reiki and Intuitive Reading

If the times available do not suit please email for more times.

All reiki session can be purchased as packs after the first session.

They are as follows:

4 x sessions = $800

6 x sessions = $1200 

Day Immersion – please use contact form below when enquiring.

Mentoring with Clair Hill 

Imagine walking through life with emotional support at the ready, when you wobble there is a specific person dedicated to guiding you through that season or experience?

An energetic partnership where you can rest all of the parts of you, to create and run business, life, relationship ideas.

A person that will get curious with you about all the ways in which you can choose to move through life. The mentor that isn’t afraid of trial and error processes because that is the fastest way to learn about yourself. 

Someone who sees, hears and feels you in all of your humanness. 

Someone who will love and care about the way in which you grow. An expander of all the conscious and unconscious parts of yourself.

Think a mentor in your back pocket to give you new perspectives and views to hold you and nourish you. 

Voxer only Mentoring 6 and 12 months 

What that looks like:

Unlimited Voxer you have the group container and direct access to Clair access between the hours of 9am and 7pm each day.

Each Sunday Clair will share spiritual guidance for the week.

1 x 90 minute group mentoring call per month covering topics that come up within the group each month as an additional support.

You are put into your Human Design group so that I can give you specific info on best practices for your energy as an additional guidance system.

The most supportive container where we have so many laughs and fun. 
What it feels like:
Connection to self 
Awareness of shadow and 
Communication from a place of responding not reacting 
More capacity to hold more of what you want 
Nervous System Regulation
Support System/Network 
Healing the receivership wound through support 
Payment Options to enter into Mentorship:
6 month options:
12 month options:
A heartfelt thanks to you for your most beautiful energy and guidance on Monday.  I am so grateful.  I felt so unsteady and now the ground feels solid again.  You won’t believe this and you will, my daughter just rang me, whom I am concerned about.  She never ever rings!  I had the most beautiful chat with her and when I hung up I cried from a very deep place in gratitude.  Thank you for helping me to see the support that is around me and for helping me recognise my daughter’s own support system.  
Leith, NSW, June 2022 

Clair is one of a kind, she is so authentic and she has the most calming energy. I have been to see her a few times and she has been spot on, especially in terms of the timing of things coming to fruition.

Monica, VIC 2021

WOW I am blown away, I was so worried because I have never had a reading done before. To be honest I was a little bit scared of how the whole reading would work. Clair made me feel so at ease and she focused on really positive aspects of my life. Even when things came up that were of a difficult nature, her coaching and the tools that she used as well as spiritual guidance left me feeling like I could implement these into my everyday life, AMAZING!

Bridget, VIC 2022

I was SO nervous coming to see Clair however, how she shows up online is exactly how she is in person! Her kind nature made me feel comfortable straight away, we were even laughing when one of my relatives came through.  Clair picked up on a particular action that he did with his hands and I couldn’t believe it. Clair explained the process of her Psychic ability and the Mediumship side and it was so interesting. I will definitely be going back to see her and see what other family members come through. Thank you Clair.

Adele, VIC 2021