30min – $70
45min – $150

In Person (VIC Only)
1hr – $170

If you require a weekend appointment please email



Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Force Energy”.  It is an ancient and completely natural non-invasive process of healing, using universal energy to balance and harmonise the client not only on a physical level but also on a spiritual level.  Reiki helps to loosen blocked energy caused by stress, helping to relieve pain and promoting total relaxation and re-establishing mental well being.

Reiki/Reading Combo
1hr 30min Face to Face (VIC Only) – $250


Coaching with Clair.

The Deep Dive – 3 Month Package
This coaching package has been designed for people who are READY to up level.
To create REAL change in your life.
Get clarity around exactly who YOU are and who you would like to be moving forward.
If you are STUCK this course is for you – stuck means that there are limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward.
So lets dive in together!!
If you would like an obligation free call with Clair to chat about this coaching package please email –
  • 1 session per week via zoom the first session will be in person if you are in VIC.
  • Meditations that are designed to help you reconnect you with you.
  • How to create effective boundaries within your relationships.
  • How to work through judgement/comparison/fear.
  • Looking at the belief systems that have been holding you back.
  • Looking at any trauma and how this is stored within your body.
  • Regulating the nervous system.
  • Assistance with healing past traumas.
  • Learning to have the best relationship with yourself.
  • Re-framing negative thought patterns.
  • Connecting Mind and Body.

You will also receive I am a manifestor oracle card deck – created by Linda Willow Roberts.

Coaching/Holistic Counselling – 6 Month Package
If you would like to take a more gentle approach to reconnecting and rediscovering who you are this package is for you.
If you would like an obligation free call with Clair to chat about this coaching package please email –
  • 2 Coaching Sessions per month via zoom (12 in total) the first session is in person and then we meet each fortnight via zoom.
  • 3 x 45 minute healing sessions of your choice including Reiki, Reading, Sound Healing, Reiki with Crystal Healing, Distance healing if you are not in Australia.
  • Chakra Healing.
  • Inner Child Work.
  • Meditation and Journaling.
  • Limiting Beliefs.
  • Boundaries.
  • Mind and Body Connection.
  • Regulating the nervous system.

2021 Mentoring Program – details to come.