Psychic Offering – Soul Path Session

Soul Path Session $499

2 hrs of Intuitive Guidance with Clair Hill via Zoom.

My 2 hour Soul Path Sessions are for the overwhelmed Mum that believes being highly sensitive is draining and wants to regain and recharge her energy.

First we uncover your personal energy leaks so you can say goodbye to brain fog and hello to confidence in your future energetic focus.

Your energy leaks may be around your relationships with romantic partners/friends or family.

Then I use my Oracle cards to g
et peel the layers back and get to the bottom of what’s really going on.

Then we build a personalised Energy Plan for you to create strong boundaries to harness your energy and take your power back.

All of this is mixed with my personal process of spirituality and coaching so that you feel supported and empowered every step of the way.


Coaching with Clair 6 Month Package 

Coaching/Holistic Counselling – 6 Month Package
If you would like to have coaching with Clair please select a coaching call in the link below so that we can see if we are a good match to create the client/coach relationship.
Take you through the Soul Flow Process where you create your own methods of returning back into alignment when life throws something your way.
Empowering you to take responsibility for your own healing as you already have the power within you to heal any area of your life.
I will be cheering you along supporting and guiding you.
  • 3 x 1:1 per month with 1 month of integration all via zoom
  • Foundational Work which includes Journaling, Meditation, Protection Strategies and Grounding.
  • Life Planning and Goal Setting.
  • Human Design Session touching on your own HD.
  • Numerology Session with Clair’s Numerologist.
  • Brain and Body Work.
  • Mindset.
  • Inner Child Work.
  • Meditation and Journaling.
  • Limiting Beliefs.
  • Boundaries.
  • Mind and Body Connection.
  • Regulation of the Nervous System through breathwork.
  • Meditation Integration
  • Heart lead homework to introduce concepts into your life.

Coaching Call Clair – Package


Doterra – Consultation

Connect with Clair and chat all things Doterra – If you are looking to introduce Holistic habits into your life. Maybe change to a more environmentally friendly option in your house hold or replace some of your  medications or even if it is for emotional support if you are going through some life experiences.

Doterra Chat