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Returning Coaching Clients.

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 Legacy  – 3 Month Coaching Experience  

You are the women who has a deep bond with self, who is a natural at giving and loving and liberation.

You are looking to find more clarify and deeply support yourself through each new stage of your life.

You are not afraid to step into the truth to come into right relationship with yourself and others.

Embodying your experiences and using them as tools to trial and error and grow through life is the only way you know.

You can see where you are using discernment but would like to sharpen your focus with ease but also know that this involves grit and determination.

You love to see life through the mythical and mystical as this wakes up parts of you that have been hidden.

Inspiration is not just about you but your kids and the people you love and you know that by you doing this work you get to pass on the ripples to all who is near and dear.

You follow the breadcrumbs that the universe sprinkles for you and it has lead you many times before – and now it has lead you here to initiate you into deep growth.

Your legacy is what you choose it to be – as the foundations that you build  you know will leave a lasting impact on not only you but all the people you love.

You are a beautiful spark of light in this world. Let’s get started.

You are supported throughout this journey here’s how:

12 weeks of focus on the areas of your life that you would like to tune into and enhance.

Additional Voxer support between calls ( so many beautiful downloads happen just when I am holding space for you – these are the best bits) you can chat anytime between the hours of 9-5pm Monday – Friday.

90 minute discovery call to make a plan (masculine) and support and nourish you (feminine) so together we can build on the foundations that you already have.

Fortnightly 60 minute calls (audio) 6 calls in total.

Practical Elements

Life strategies that I share with you are transferrable through any experience. 

Liberating emotions being able to have a safe place to process and understand your emotions through the body and the mind.

Embodying new standards at each new level of evolution, each level has a new lesson for you to move through.

Sitting with all the natural parts of you and honing in on your strengths, the sweet natural parts of you that you give so easy but not at a cost to you.

Teaching heart intelligence over old ways of the mind through Human Design. Which helps us to align back into how you best make decisions and how your energy best loves to operate out in the world. But also what to do when we move into misalignment.

Activating your own personal evolutionary light codes through conversation and perspective shifts, moving from perspective to objective so you see the world in a different way.

 Anchoring in your values and using them as a guide to all the things that you desire in your life and to bring you back into right relationship with self.

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| Liberation –  2 hour Activation with Clair Hill |

Where the human and the mystic collide in an intimate container, alchemy, liberation and alignment are the codes that are activated in this space.

When you allow yourself to be the women that commit’s to inner beauty your landscape begins to shift and move energetically. 

You deep dive into your naturalness with ease and grace. There is no need to be anyone but your beautiful self.

What we will cover 

  • your thoughts patterns and how to recognise downloads and specific guidance when the universe is connecting with you. 
  • how to move to a more elevated thought pattern and how to anchor into where you would like to be emotionally and spiritually.
  • how to move through the world with grace, without forcing and pushing, stretching yourself into newness with ease.
  • how to walk with your new codes and activations.
  • reach into the inner world of your human design and feel the subtleness of your blueprint unfold 
  • specific areas of your life that you would like to know more about spiritually, using oracle cards and connection to guides.
  • these specific areas will allow a deeper understanding of your true self and what roles you are here to explore in this lifetime.\

The practical elements are:

  • Human Design Deep Dive – recording of session to revisit for more goodness 
  • Spiritual Reading – Oracle cards and intuitive guidance 
  • 2 weeks Support after we meet – we get to go even deeper and clearer

This is for you is your are ready to take action in your life you have a curious mind, you love the mystical and the human experience and are looking to glow up in both areas. You have a thirst for self  knowledge and are ready to take action.

This is not for you if you want a spiritual reading on its own this is a culmination of modalities. 

If you are ready to be moved in all aspects of your life, I am so ready to see and sit with your Inner Beauty

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