The Change – Coaching with Clair Hill

Who this is for – Humans who are ready to have powerful conversations. To step into the truth of who they are, and are ready to choose and make decisions from a place of alignment?
Humans who have always felt that they are so much more than how they feel right now.
They have a deep knowing that their old ways are not aligned with their potential.
That the energy right now is potent for change and this gift of knowledge is THE WAY to expand.
They are ready to become the truest expression.
To step into full co-creator mode with the universe and expand like never before. 
Humans who want to Rebirth like a MF and be unapologetic about it. 
Welcome Home!
The Work
3 x 1 – 1.5hr session per month (via zoom) with 1 week of integration (take a week off to allow yourself to integrate with the information)
Energy Management around Boundaries
Build Relationships through your love language and attachment style
Human Design Reading with Clair
Numerology Reading with Tee Jay from Insightful Intelligence
Email support and Voxer (an app that is used for messaging) Support 
Access to Rebirth my 3 month online course (valued at $3333)
Learn how to Manifest everything that is FOR you.
Learn how to decipher universal downloads
Tapping into your heart frequency and what is in alignment with your highest self.
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