Truth – In person.
Come and spend the day with me and set yourself free.
The essence of Truth is written here for you to feel into the words and to sensate whatever it is that comes up for you my hope is that it is your truth.
I ask you to be brave in your truth, to go deeper than you ever have before.

I ask that you bring all the parts of yourself that you have and share them with me.

I ask that you worship mother nature as we will be offering ourselves to her, on this day and for all the days to come.

I ask that you be intentional with your words and your feelings because the surface is no longer a place to run and hide.

I ask that you come to play with the animals for healing. Healing is not just with one.

I ask you to observe your thoughts and feelings hold them dear, and go within your body to your higher self not fear.

I ask that you laugh and cry and feel what is deep within, because no matter what the issue is I am here to feel it all as we begin.

I ask that you trust the universe to show you whatever it is that you need, and know that it is always there to hold your hand as you walk with me.

What you need to know.
Truth is a day of deep diving into what is next for you, what are you being drawn towards and what is it that is yet to be discovered? 
What is it that you are most curious about within yourself and what is it that you want to learn more about or be guided through? Where has your life come to a screaming halt and you want to tap into some creative magic and start flowing again?
YOU get to choose what it is that is the next thing for you – whether it is you learning how to do some magical spiritual work yourself like learning how to read oracle cards, psychic readings or mediumship or maybe I am doing the reading for you to give you some much needed information about “what’s next” in your life.
You might be looking at starting your own business and would like some foundational tools to get you started and have fun within the business. Let us see if there are any blocks around earning and living to your fullest potential and manifestation?
Your energy may be at an all time low and you would like to feel more grounded and centred reiki and meditation may be what you need. 
You have been playing around with spirit but would like to how to connect in a more intentional way, this may be through mediumship, psychically or through oracle cards. Also learn the rules for protection and energy management. 
All you need to do is choose 2 potent options below but first.
Ask yourself these questions to gain clarity.
What is it that my mind is craving?
What is my body craving?
What scares me the most – (usually the thing that scares you is exactly the thing that you need)
What is my soul calling for me to do?
What would help to move me forward? 
What does my energy feel like right now (score it 1-10, 1 being low and 10 being absolutely amazing)
What is a truth that I can tell myself right now that will help me to choose?
How can I bring more fun and play into my life?
Choose 2 options from the menu below that you would like to focus on when we sit in our truth together. 
You can be the student and then the teacher by sharing your gifts with other people.
All the goodness waiting for you.
Reiki is energy healing that helps with integration of new energy from the work that we will be doing together throughout the day and healing old energy around life experiences.
Energy healing helps to join the puzzle pieces together from an energetic perspective and allows truth to flow from source to you. Relax and let me share what comes up for you using one of the most beautiful modalities.

Witch Ways – Hey there Witch I see you hiding behind that cloak! I know you have been dabbling in it for a while now, but what are your Witch Ways?

Witch ways are all the ways in witch (which) the universe and our spirit friends are communicating with us right now! So let me show you all the ways that your witch team have been guiding you and how to  communicate in more depth to see how they have been giving you guidance your entire life.

The ways of the witch are acknowledgement of all the worlds ways to show us the direction that we can go towards. The sun the wind and the rain offer guidance when we slow down and see, hear and feel them. Be guided by your Witch ways – live your life through the lens of the Witch (you already are!).

Mediumship – you get to choose would you like to learn mediumship or would you like me to connect with your passed love one? Hmmmm to become a medium or not? The choice is yours.

I want to offer the option of you learning how to work this craft yourself. I have a step by step guide for you to speak to spirit. Or alternatively I will do a mediumship reading for you.

Psychic Reading – learn how to hone in on your strongest senses to read other people for yourself there are many ways in which we can grow our psychic muscle. Or alternatively sit back and relax and I will guide you through with the help of my own guides while you have a reading. Also this will include reading oracle cards reading.

Living through the lens of Human Design – How does human design work? Human design combines ancient systems like the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics to describe our unique energy and gifts. When you discover how best your energy works in the world you can live with systems and strategies and decision making process to guide you through life.

Business Mentoring – for spiritual start ups or heart based businesses (all businesses are heart based) to tune into what you desire for your business and yourself and how best you can bring it all to life. 

Meditation – I will teach you different forms of meditation and what form of meditation will be most beneficial for you and your energy type. Writing your own meditations that you can share with yourself and any other family members that you feel might need this beautiful practice. 

Counselling/Coaching – Talking through any beliefs and blocks that you may have around career, love life. Practical tools to take and integrate into your everyday life. Moving through experiences and feelings and emotions that you may not have been able to in the past. 

What does the day look like?
Arrive at 9:30am
We spend some time chatting over a hot drink (cacao) and set an intention for the day.
Foraging around the property to find offerings to mother earth – these are laid on an alter in my healing room.
Meditation to bring in all the spiritual guidance for both of us throughout the day.
Start moving through the work (whatever you have chosen) and we have a break at 12:00pm for lunch.
A short half an hour break and we are back into the work.
Departure 2:30 – 3pm.
You will have a journal to take home with you with all the notes from the day. 
For 4 weeks after you will receive support via Voxer that will be set up on the day.
Before we meet I will set up a zoom call and we will go through specifically what you would like to cover.
email – to book a time to chat. Or fill in the contact form below.

I trust that you will know what you need – I am here to enhance the energy and hold your hand as you step into your truth.
Clair xx
Cost $1000 payment plan available.
Day will be run Monday – Friday week commencing the 8th November 2021
Soul Path Session (shorter version of Truth)- 2.5hr $333 – Book Here
Regular Coaching for 2022 
Coaching is now open for 2022 – please contact Clair at for further details.
Coaching runs from February – October 2022
Limited Spaces available for 2022 – because you know, Mum life etc 🙂