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Soul–Cation with Clair Hill Coaching

Soul-Cation: a time to spend working on your SOUL in a supportive and fun environment.

This is a 1:1 program where yourself and Clair spend an entire day from 9am – 5pm working and focusing on YOU.

What do we cover in the Soul-Cation?

We go through any two Soul Starter Modules of your choice. Do you have trouble creating boundaries or find it hard to work through judgement? Is your inner chatter and the way that you speak to yourself an area that you would like to work on?

The Modules to choose from are:

  • Fear and Stories
  • Judgement and Boundaries
  • Ego and Inner Chatter
  • Manifesting and Values
  • Awaken the Empath Within: learn tools and techniques to be an empowered Empath.

Clair shows you how to use crystals for protection, grounding and manifesting.

Meditation & Journaling
Clair will teach you how to Meditate and Journal as tool’s to help move through the “stuff” that comes up in your life.

Rituals used to stay aligned and balanced, these will be practiced throughout the day.

Food and the Emotional Story Behind It
Intuitive Eating basics and why Empath’s are drawn to certain foods.

Reiki Healing
Relax with a 45 minute Reiki Healing.

Psychic Reading
We finish the day off with a Reading so that you can walk away with some clarity and direction.

Lunch & Bonus Gifts
Lunch: Dear Abbey Cafe
Copy of May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein
Crystal grid
Crystals for protecting your home and Chakra crystals
Booklet covering whichever modules you choose

Payment Options
Payment plans are available (break down below) or you can pay in full via direct transfer or cash is accepted on the day.

  • 4 x $187.25 payments over 4 weeks
  • 2 x $374.50 payments over 2 weeks

Total Investment: $749.00

To make a booking or for any enquiries please contact:

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