Reading Feedback

Clair is one of a kind, she is so authentic and she has the most calming energy. I have been to see her a few times and she has been spot on, especially in terms of the timing of things coming to fruition.

Monica, VIC 2018

WOW I am blown away, I was so worried because I have never had a reading done before. To be honest I was a little bit scared of how the whole reading would work. Clair made me feel so at ease and she focused on really positive aspects of my life. Even when things came up that were of a negative nature, her coaching and the tools that she used as well as spiritual guidance left me feeling like I could implement these into my everyday life, AMAZING!

Bridget, VIC 2018

I was SO nervous coming to see Clair however, how she shows up online is exactly how she is in person! Her kind nature made me feel comfortable straight away, we were even laughing when one of my relatives came through.  Clair picked up on a particular action that he did with his hands and I couldn’t believe it. Clair explained the process of her Psychic ability and the Mediumship side and it was so interesting. I will definitely be going back to see her and see what other family members come through. Thank you Clair.

Adele, VIC 2018

Coaching Feedback

So far I’ve been able to really understand that there are things that I can do for myself and put in place to keep me aligned with where I want to be going and the person I want to be, and although this is very new and early stages, I can already tell that Clair will be able to assist me further in implementing these things practically and also help me to heal aswell. The “Keep Up” meditation is amazing!!

Undisclosed, VIC 2018