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Styling is so much more than just clothes.

It is the outward facing expression of who you are, your signature. How the world sees you but more importantly how you see yourself.

A stylist helps you to bring forward your personality through what you wear and all the ever-changing aspects of you, with confidence.

It is a curation of your image and a collaboration with both the inside and outside.

The mind and the body.

As a stylist my role is to provide you with the foundational knowledge and creativity to play and explore with what you already have within your wardrobe, so that your wardrobe works hard for you in every season.

When you use the formula of foundational knowledge and creative playfulness in your wardrobe you will spend less time contemplating what to wear and have more fun and freedom being the truest expression of you.

1:1 Styling Session with Clair Hill 


Initial 1 hour style consultation where we determine the following:

  • Body Type 
  • Colours that work for your skin tone and colours you would like to try.
  • Style Persona/Style Categories.
  • The Basics of a wardrobe edit.
  • Identifying your biggest challenges.
  • Styling goals and your personal outcomes so we both have a clear idea of what you need help with.

After the consult we book in a 2-hour session where we go into the heart of your wardrobe and get creative this is where we invite trial and error and playfulness:

  • We create 4 lifestyle outfits that could be a work look, casual or event look or a combination of 2 work, 1 casual and 1 event you can choose what suits your lifestyle.
  • Then we will keep the creative juices flowing to see what we can create.
  • I will get you to take photos of each outfit and I will create a look book for you with wardrobe items and some of my other recommendations.
  • We will make a list of gaps in your wardrobe so that you can start to create a wardrobe that reflects you and your unique style to every budget.
  • What are your wardrobe staples and how can we utilise them? 

Follow up appointment after gap items have been purchased to integrate them into the wardrobe (1 hour) and you can ask any additional questions.


  • Clarity around body type and styles that best suit your unique body shape.
  • It will save you money – we waste money on clothes that hang in our wardrobe destined for the donation bin, I will help you create a wardrobe where all your pieces play a roll.
  • It will save you time. an organised wardrobe WILL save you time, rather than see overwhelm you will see clarity.
  • No more frustrating what “What will I wear moments” I will help you find the things that fit and feel good.
  • You will see your signature style/s come through so when you go shopping you will be able to filter what works and what doesn’t.
  • Take the stress out of the mornings.
  • You will gain so much more confidence in your style and also the trust in yourself will grown the more you play around in your wardrobe.



Yesterday I did a styling consultation and wardrobe edit session with Clair Hill.

As a plus size woman with some long and deeply held body image issues, this was a big step to take.

Clair took me through the process in a gentle but forthright way, enabling me to learn from her expertise about style, shape and what would suit me best in a way that felt collaborative and supportive.

The styling consultation was comprehensive and gave me incredible new insights to what works for me. The wardrobe edit and creation of outfits was fun and Clair’s creativity and smarts resulted in some looks I was really happy with.

The “after” chat was supportive and reflective and Clair’s insights will stay with me as I begin to explore my style and wardrobe in a totally new way.  

Clair is generous in her advice and her spirit and I’m so happy I did this for myself.












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